Sweet sounds from the "Schäl Sick",

Karaoke Kalk is a record label founded in 1997 in Cologne. The name comes from the „Köln-Kalk“ district where the label started out. Over the past 15 years the label has amounted a superb catalog totalling well over 60 releases by a dazzling array of artists spanning the broadest possible spectrum of musical output.

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Taken From The Album "Australasie" Video By Patrice Curtillat Karaoke Kalk 92 LP/DL... fb.me/5UVFV4O0Z
Out Today: Astrobal - Australasie You can order and stream the entire album on bc and on the KK website.... fb.me/7Sv89wpkB
Astrobal - Australasie Karaoke Kalk 92 (LP/DL) Out: 27.05.2016 fb.me/Cn58XHvX
Astrobal - Australasie (ft Laetitia Sadier): youtu.be/nEbMs2lNI5A?a über @YouTube
Video premiere from Australasie ft. Laetitia Sadier by Astrobal via The Drone. Merci. fb.me/3YXTpbBaX