eXe – No Option feat. Anna Elias, Mozeh k and Sir X Samba | Karaoke Kalk 133-S2




No Option feat. Anna Elias, Mozeh k and Sir X Samba



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Karaoke Kalk 133-S2

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“No Option” – A Song about Immigration and Prejudice.

“No Option” is more than just a song – it’s a poignant statement about immigration, integration, and the prejudices many people face. It tells of the desperation that drives many young individuals to leave their countries and families in search of a better life, often finding that the reality falls short of their dreams.

This eloquent track features the remarkable voices of rappers Mozeh k, Sir X Samba, and folk singer Anna Elias. Their lyrics bring a personal touch to the subject, allowing us to feel the emotional depth of the narrative.

Special thanks are owed to producer Andrea “Fox” Della Volpe, who impeccably coordinated the rap sections of the song. His talent and dedication contributed to making “No Option” an impressive musical experience.

eXe is the new project by Italian based artis Emanuele Errante. Departing from the ambient landscape, eXe explores a fusion of electronic genres, including urban, trip hop and techno.

Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin

Many thanks to Chris Hooson

Written and produced by Emanuele Errante
Lyrics by Mozeh k and Sir X Samba


1. No Option (Original Version) 2. No Option (Radio Edit)