The 23’s – Bolivia | Karaoke Kalk CD 43 / LP 50


The 23's






Karaoke Kalk 43

Release Date:


 9,90 13,90


with the 23s karaoke kalk is putting forward yet another hitherto unknown project. and still the first notes already sound strangely familiar – not a familiarity that originates from a sound that you have heard a million times before but rather some sort of „heimatgefühl“, evoked by the free performing of music that embraces all its varieties inspite of depending on consented sound worlds.
the ten tracks are at times wry and gentle at times harmonical and twirly, they are wonderful all the time.
everything is touched on shortly before it vanishes again just as quickly. music that makes you wander off into an escapistic screenland. a short travel through time, a trip into a movie set. a quick conversation with the leading actress and before you know it you’re back home again pushing the repeat button so as to experience once more some wonderful moments of the journey.
bolivia is kind of muzak that reminds of french movies of the 70ies or in its best moments of phillip sarde, the ingenious composer of claude sautet’s movies’ scores.
music like summertimes’ crickets chirping, not as light as air’s and not as smooth as brasilian music, bolivia is more of the dark, conceptual type – and a brilliant album anyway!


1. Sweatshirts & Sweatshops 2. Quiet City 3. Shadow Music 4. Bolivia 5. The Longest Moment ( Still Lasting) 6. Negotiations 7. Quelque Chose 8. The Sound Of Insects, Bells And Animals 9. Headless Machine 10. A Passive Lifestyle