Takagi Masakatsu – Eating | Karaoke Kalk CD 14 / LP 23


Takagi Masakatsu




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Kalk CD 14
Kalk LP 23

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all those many little pieces on eating – one time bearing such see- mingly abstruse names like “fausel” or “frousfre”, then simply being called “spring” or “come march” – can beautifully be subsumed under one heading: music for short films written by life itself.
short films, because all tracks have a fragmentary, unfinished air about them. the momentary, fleeting quality of the pieces stirs up an intense, acute emotion that one wishes to preserve after the song is over. though which emotions are aroused, takagi masakatsu wil- lingly – and wilfully – leaves up to us.
music written by life itself, because the feelings one experiences with eating are simple, natural, everyday. without superfluous weight or sadness, celebrating the joy of the little things – birds chirping in the morning, the sound of children playing in the stre- et, the calm of night.
maybe it’s exactly these moments, snapshots of life, that characteri- se takagi masakatsu’s way of thinking. it wouldn’t come as a surpri- se, since he’s been working as a video artist for some time now and has often related his music directly to films or animated films of his that deal with everyday worlds of perception.


01.Frousfre 02. Fore 03. Spring 04. Fausel 05. Flows 06. Mihyn 07. Angje 08. Hanri 09. Woei 10. Trot 11. On The Way To 12. Kim Perno Come March