Paul Frick – I Got Through EP | Kalk Pets 20


Paul Frick


I Got Through EP




Kalk Pets 20

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Paul Frick is back with another massive EP on Kalk Pets. I GotThrough is his third release for the Berlin producer on the vinyl sublabel of Karaoke Kalk and with it Frick has delivered another quality record.

The 3 track EP kicks off with title tune “I Got Through” which is a prime slice of jazzy house. Divine house beats and jazzy synth licks are interspersed with a spoken word monologue by Crawford, which succeeds in giving it that personal touch. The pace picks up on B-side opener “Shoot & Roll”, a funky tune with disco leanings. And this fine EP winds to a close with “Into The Void”, which is appropriately more down tempo and so provides the perfect closing number for the 12-inch.

The I Got Through EP has something for every moment: chilled house to warm up, prime time disco grooves and even a down tempo track to close with. Recently hyperactive with Brandt Brauer Frick, Paul Frick proves his versatility with a freshly inspired and directly bumping record. It is another proud addition to the Kalk Pets catalogue.


A1. Ballad (Original) A2. Ballad (John Keys Vocal Mix Feat. Los Updates) B1. Ballad (AtomTM Remix)