März – One From The Heart | Karaoke Kalk EP 18




One From The Heart


12" / DL


Kalk 12" 18

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märz are new on karaoke kalk. märz are ekkehard ehlers and albrecht kunze, and home of märz is frankfurt. and although märz (march) brings spring to mind, this record will be out as soon as autumn. luckily, because every track on “one from the heart” is so friendly and outgoing and at the same time not devoid of melancholy, that with every single tone it will lift your spirits and give you heart for the inevitable winter. it is music for staying at home, for nights rich with nostalgia spent on the sofa, but also for nights out clubbing, away from the outside cold, escaping the annual
depression. or in other words: märz make music for people like you and me. only they have to have a heart.


A1. The Cricket Song A2. Good Night (Baby) A3. The Frog B1. The Help Song B2. Interlude B3. Chelsea Boys