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Karaoke Kalk 128-2

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‘Waltz’ was recorded in 2008 by Marla at home in Brooklyn, in between tours, a way to release a little artistic tension between long stretches on the road. The delicate, slightly raw vocals combine with the gently driving guitar to create a spinning, fluctuating atmosphere. ‘Waltz’ is restless, and a little rebellious, a candid glimpse of someone dancing with their own conflicting impulses of confidence and insecurity.

‘Waltz’ was originally released in 2009 on Glasgow’s Nuts and Seeds label. The song appeared on a split 7” vinyl record also featuring the Edinburg-based experimental musician Wounded Knee. Devon Press mixed the track in 2008, and it has been remastered for this Karaoke Kalk rerelease by Mike Grinser of Manmade Mastering.

Written and performed by Marla Hansen
Recorded by Marla Hansen in 2008, in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Devon Press in Brooklyn, NY
Original Release: 2009
Part of a split 7” with Wounded Knee, on Glasgow’s Nuts and Seeds record label.

Remastered in 2023 by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin


Hey boy mind your feet, don’t you step on her toes

‘Cause it is plain to see, that she’d rather be home

She’ll let you hold her waist, for a three minute song

But you already know, that you’ll leave here alone

And she sings: It’s not kind or cruel, what I’ve done

Just don’t take it hard, when I’m gone

And he might be, the best thing, anyone could hope for

And he might be, what you’ll want, when you’re older

You should take a drive, through the hills, ‘till your head clears

‘Cause you could take it back, and just say:

You were wrong, you were wrong, you were wrong

You were wrong

You were wrong


01. Waltz