März – Love Streams | Karaoke Kalk CD 13 | LP 22




Love Streams


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Kalk CD 13
Kalk LP 22

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sometimes you think all has been said about some music, and maybe there is always a bit of truth in that. however, the good thing about music is that it is never confined to one ‘true’ moment but is with us in many different ones. and just like these moments change, the per- ception of and emotional response to the music you are listening to change as well. the music of märz creates new sensations and emoti- ons once you let yourself be captivated by it – some moment or other: at home, in the park, in the evenings in the company of friends. some things on love streams will sound familiar, yet new – as if having moved to a another neighbourhood, which is neither better nor worse than the old one.
the overall composition of each separate piece and of the encompas- sing whole is so self-contained and dense and at the same time so close to us that one feels like sinking into it. this fascination might best be compared to that of some classic singer/songwriters, who by way of the lyrics let us share in their pain, melancholy, joy – and their personal revelation. only here, it’s not the words but the music that is doing this to you. maybe this is ‘new folk’.


01.Introductory 02. Tthings Can Only Get Better 03. The Cricket Song 04. The Help Song 05. Interlude #1 06. Chelsea Boys 07. The Hysteric Song 08. The Rain Rains 09. Interlude #2 10. Love Streams 11. Everybody Had A Hard Year 12. Bars 1234