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Kalk Net 1

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With his new release jumpstart kandis, aka Jens Massel, is starting a new line of releases that are distributed only over the internet under the name of kalk net, ( ). For everyone who, like me, loves to listen to jens massel’s music, no matter under which name it is released (kandis, fumble, poto & cabengo or senking), jumpstart will be the long awaited follow up. Starting off chugging quietly it takes unexpected turns and becomes almost dance music. Like all of his releases and tracks jens massel’s music has its own very individual language and ideas: sometimes tricky, sometimes plain, sometimes soulful then very cool and distanced but always recog- nizable.
The peculiarity and the beauty of the tracks on jumpstart lies in the unexpected turns the music takes. Having just tuned in to the mood of a song you have to re-orientate as something new and surprising is happening. This is one of the characteristics of all of jens massel’s music and the reason why we’re always curious about which way he will turn next. One thing is for sure: he is always ahead of the crowd.


01. Letter 02. Shall We? 03. Dangerous Numbers 04. Lost At The Youth Club 05. Late Again 06. Margate Tomorrow 07. Picture Page (Process "Integ" Remix) Original Written And Produced By Steve Barnes