Hausmeister – Weiter | Karaoke Kalk CD 16 / LP 25








Kalk CD 16
Kalk LP 25

Release Date:


 5,90 6,90


here is the third hausmeister album to be released on karaoke kalk. and like its predecessor “unser” (our) it bears a plain and modest name: “weiter”. this inconspicuous word – which means ‘further’, ‘forward’, ‘onwards’, ‘additionally’, ‘moreover’ and also, in a different sense of the word, ‘wider’, ‘broader’ – leaves room for every imaginable individual interpretation. At the same time, it can simply be left standing on its own, even if, or indeed because, christian przygodda would surely have had his very own reasons for bracketing his new tracks with this title.
all sorts of things may be ‘weiter’: the music, life, love, sorrows, thought – or oneself, as an individual, as a person. most of all, whatever ‘weiter’ may mean for any one of us in any particular moment, it is a word full of hope, it speaks of looking forward, no matter what might be stan- ding beside or behind. and this is a wonderful thing because it is really so simple – though still rarely accomplished in life by most of us. to forget or just to let go and look forward can sometimes be very hard, since you do not know what awaits you and are afraid to take the step. hausmeister had the courage to take that step. with the newly added vocals his music presents itself in a new light and moves much more than before in traditional song structures. melody and composition are still prominent, as is the passion for conventional instruments, but everything appears clea- rer, more self-contained and as naturally proceeding from his previous works. the title track is the last one on this release by hausmeister. the album thus appears as a review or re-working of things past, closing with a hopeful look forward, on whatever is to come. in this sense, “weiter” is a beautiful declaration of love to life with all its tricks and traps…


01. Ester 02. Wester 03. Lens 04. Auen 05. Freitag 06. Kleiner 07. Braun 08. Paul Geht's Gut 09. Lespit 10. Sandy Says 11. Picker 12. Weiter