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hausmeister is christian przygodda, 34 years old and living in bremen. for a living he paints film posters and portraits – sometimes that even works out.

hausmeister (caretaker/janitor; literally “master of the house”) is one of those better left alone most of the time. he’s a bit of a loner and kind of a tinker. to be your own master is possible only at home, in your own private and undisturbed space.and kind of a “frickler” (someone who’s not a learned expert, but who can bury himself without end in the tiniest fractions of a problem – be it cars, computers or music)

hausmeister’s music exists in clear song structures that are based on the all important factor of melody. there are no loops here; what sounds like a loop, is actually played, mostly with “traditional” instruments. he employs his sampler only as a source of sounds. the tiniest particles emerge and are then modified to blend seamlessly into his characteristic sound fabric.

listening to his music, you will rediscover a lot you know – and discover even more you don’t. and if you listen closely and intently, you will touch on your own biographical context.


01. Pumer 02. Ket 03. Volga 04. Enger 05. Kenter 06. Heping 07. Nitten 08. Rader 09. Buder 10. Hundi 11. Tarna 12. Nixen 13. Pferden