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Kalk CD 05
Kalk 12" 13

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besides kandis and senking here comes the third project of jens massel: FUMBLE!
similar to senking fumble moves gently, stays in noted distance to his opposite, lives by an atmospheric density.
yet the fumble’s tracks takes a firm self-assured stand – compared to his older two brothers.
of course they all are founded on the same disposition, though this time there’s a tolerance of flourishes and unexpected estasblishings of contact with the listener.
thus creating something different, something new. thus asking straight for a room of his own, to move freely while attracting due attention.
for all the lovers and friends of kandis and senking, with fumble you’ll catch the missing link inbetween of a still fragmentary entirety. together all three projects reflect a complex, multi-layered beauty. also a beauty of great promise – what is yet to come in jens massel’s music.
and of course every single one of the threesome not only knows how to work with limitations, but also how to expand them.


01. Schiene 02. Fumble Valley 03. Sulki 04. „T“ 05. Saft? 06. Bottle Shock 07. Fumble King 08. Sleepy


A1. Schiene A2. Bottle Shock B1. Saft? B2. Sleepy


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