Donna Regina – Welt in einer Stadt | Karaoke Kalk 122


Donna Regina


Welt in einer Stadt




Karaoke Kalk 122

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Product Notes:
-Edition of 100 copies
-140g black vinyl
-Four-colored cover
-White paper inner sleeve

* All Orders Include An Instant Download Of The 7"



The Whole World in a Song

Donna Regina deliver the soundtrack for mature urbanity with a familiar reliability and a keen understanding for changes throughout the past 30 years. With this single, they once more portray their favourite place: the city; no matter in which corner of this world. Musically and lyrically, the track captures the whole infatuating ambiguity of the big city: a richness of colour and experience next to precarious turbulence and alienation. Inspiration next to poignancy. Inescapable rhythm and unsettling dissonance. Donna Regina’s songs make you crave the world without ever glossing over the fact that there is something chaotic out there which in one way or another will leave its traces.

The duo has written the song after the first lockdown in Berlin in the Spring of 2020 during a situation marked by new limitations and restrictions amidst the sea of possibilities offered by the metropolis. That is how a line like »Sterben ganz allein« (»Dying completely alone«) takes on a wholly different meaning. Even if it is applicable to all the urban areas in which loneliness and solitude are part of the everyday experience; even if it refers to past times and catastrophes.

At the same time, there are days which collapse because distraction has become impossible. The sound of bustle has been replaced by silence. Quietude and calm that was not chosen and that prolongs the moment. And yet you can stop the moments and fill them, should they not be drowned out by noise: the transparency of the arrangements opens up the space for it. Exploring silence with musical means is an art by itself. »Das Haus der Stille« (»The House of Silence«) becomes a place for us. It is a familiar one if you have been following Donna Regina throughout the past years.

Two songs of resilience in a world that feels invincible, but was struck to heart by a virus. Listening, letting go, keeping the dance going.


A Welt in einer Stadt / B Ich sehe den Blumen beim Sterben zu