Donna Regina – Pool | Karaoke Kalk 10″ 09


Donna Regina




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Kalk 10" 09

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of course, we could tell how donna regina hit tokyo in 1996. how their japanese admirers hunted for autographs. how they were invited by several broadcasting stations. how the japanese car manufacturer nissan used their song “driving in your car” for a tv commercial. but then we would undoubtedly forfeit with donna regina and arouse justly suspicion with you. firstly donna regina dislike obstrusive self-praise – and surely it doesn´t fit to their music. secondly would you still believe in karaoke kalk, if we let off the fireworks: “they are stars in japan!” – the more so as that´s not quite correct, for “big in japan” generally is the noble paraphrase of “…but the prophet is never accepted in his own country”. whereas regina (voice) and günther janssen (instruments) acquired by working as well loyal followers over here with 5 longplay-cds and a handful of eps since the early 90´s.

but… who even thinks about “working” while listening to donna regina´s bewitching pop-miniatures?! they are -owing to regina´s singing – nearby the easiness of francoise hardy´s chansons and – thanks to gün yan sen´s ingenious arrangements – close to the magic floating instrumentals of brian wilson (may you compare “the beauty of love“ – the opener of this album – with wilsons “let’s go away for a while“!). rather it sets your mind on a holiday mood, even more just because of donna regina are time and again into watersports: take e.g. the title track of their 1996th album “follow the sea” or now “snow is only frozen water“ on their – not
accidentally entitled “pool” – debut for karaoke kalk.
have i said enough to make your mouth water?
maybe one last remark: ayako akashiba loves donna regina. as we do.


A1. The Beauty Of Love A2. Snow Is Only Frozen Water A3. Chanson Pour La Lune B1. Missing Link B2. Star Ferry