Aquatic/Dewalta – Nebelhorn EP | Kalk Pets 08




Nebelhorn EP




Kalk Pets 08

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Aquatic/Dewalta – A Dj and Producer-Combo of Two young men; David Koch and Frithjof Meissner.

It was quite a time, almost 20 years ago, when David Koch (aka. DeWalta) and Frithjof Meissner first met on that corn field under the sunny sky of a tiny little village, somewhere near sweet Heidelberg/Germany.
Back then David started to study acustical intruments, mostly wind instruments. Sessions, bands and different projects led him to further studies and finally to the profession of jazz. Meanwhile Frithjof early began to devellop a curiosity for collecting music, besides his classical string playing.
Besides Davids musical education, he started his own „musical research“, including issues like composing, phrasing, sounddesign and production-techniques wich brought him finally to his music-lab and studio in berlin.
Since the two guys are enjoying to live together in Berlin, they spent some years racking theyr brains over the phenomenon of electronic dance music.
The first 12“ result can be listened to on the „Nebelhorn EP“ released on the german „Karaoke Kalk“ sub-label „KalkPets“.


A1. Nebelhorn B1 Schulze B2 Abn