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You're Super In Diagonal




Karaoke Kalk 119

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- Edition Of 300
- 140g black vinyl
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- Edition of 500 copies
- Two-Page Booklet
- Jewel Case /w a transparent tray

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Ant Orange returns to Karaoke Kalk with the album »You’re Super In Diagonal«. Following up on three EPs between 2015 and 2018 for the Berlin-based label as well as a 12” single with drum’n’bass derivatives last year, the British producer again operates at the crossroads of laid-back house, experimental hip hop and a bass-heavy, abstract minimalism that hints at his background in UK garage and other strains of the hardcore continuum.

Both physically moving and intellectually challenging, Ant Orange’s music has always found a comfortable niche between different genres and styles. Working with short vocal snippets, jazz elements and a diverse array of rhythms, his tracks open up small worlds full of endearing details and thrilling dynamics. Nine of those worlds – seven on the vinyl version of the album – form the sonic cosmos that is »You’re Super In Diagonal.« Even in Ant Orange’s unique and multi-faceted discography, it is an extraordinarily lush and welcoming album.

The opener already sets the mood with shimmering ambient textures, the feverish shivers of a hi-hat and a broken beat that serves as the perfect foundation for the warm and minimalistic bassline that enters the picture around the two minute mark. The aptly named »Flutter« already encapsulates everything that makes »You’re Super In Diagonal« the marvelous record it is: Ant Orange’s sound is based on the playful interplay of discrete elements. From the jungle echoes on »Monogome« to the throbbing bass on tracks like »Cracker« or »All In« and the slick deep house grooves of »We’ll Call You,« the producer’s choices thus lead to odd and unusual, but always cordial and inviting end results. They refer to a variety of genres from jazz to grime and IDM, but always retain their specificity.

»You’re Super In Diagonal« is a bottomless grab bag of ideas and influences, an album to get lost in, whether it’s on rainy days spent on the couch or under a shining sun with a drink in hand. »Shall We Just Stop?,« asks the final track. We’d rather a rewind, please!

Tracklist LP

A1. Flutter A2. Monogome A3. My Mouth Hurts A4. I'm Going For A Walk B1. Cracker B2. All In B3. We'll Call You

Tracklist CD/DL

1. Flutter 2. Monogome 3. My Mouth Hurts 4. Cracker 5. We'll Call You 6. I'm Going For A Walk 7. All In 8. Leaves 9. Shall We Just Stop?